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Welcome to our payment portal page.


We understand that during these unusual Covid-19 times it's hard to accurately predict things from week to week so we wanted to make things as simple as possible with regards to pre-planned travel. 


Your reservation with us is 7 days away now and we can imagine that you are absolutely looking forward to some quality rest and relaxation. You will certainly find that here.


In order to make things as straightforward as can be we did not take any payment information right away when you booked with us (unless the booking was short notice within 7 days of your arrival), so now the time has come to finalize the booking and take care of the payment aspect.


Below you will see a button that says "Secure payment portal". This button will take you to our high security Sysnet verified payment page which will look after your reservation payment online.

The first thing that you will see when you click the button is "Amount". Please enter in the amount due as was noted on your booking confirmation, it was noted as "Total cost (including taxes). 

Then click the button on the page which says "PAYMENT INFO" and the rest will be the standard credit card information. When you are done filling in those fields please press "SUBMIT PAYMENT" and thats it! We will provide you with a hard copy receipt if you wish the morning of your first delicious breakfast :)


Thank you, we look forward to welcoming you! 

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